1=home - window in the middle as a menu. 1. workday.sh, 2.coreazure.sh, 3.blog, 4.dojos, 5.windows, 6.chat, 7.notes (default opens my normal work day but without windows. also displays cheatsheet there a little. and my notes to myself..how to start my day..like instructions 2=work/code CA? SHU? Blog? (each client in a tmux session) - vim session with tmux ide. OR vscode! 3=todo/calendar/pomogoro (can mail be here too? Actually, should it? we only want to check email @ 11 & 3pm right?) maybe open email there @ 11 &3 but I can close when I’m not using it then… or not because it won’t reload until 11&3 and I might need to look through them while I’m working. so maybe in there yea, as I’ll be taking things from mail into todo/calendar. 4=notes/cheatsheet 5=chat 6=firefox/internet icon 7=gimp/davinci resolve? 8=windows icon for kvm (maybe put remmina rdp here too) 9=music and/or video.. media icon in tmux session? or just therj?

Floating windows with keybind in dwm

vifm have this as a floating window on a keybind? notes as floating window with keybind todo as floating window with keybind