Azure SDK 1.5 Error Solved – DevFC.exe stopped working

less than 1 minute read

I upgraded to the latest Azure SDK a few weeks ago to get some of the new features. Unfortunately I was greeted with “DevFC.exe stopped working” when I tried to start my solution.

Fortunately I found the following forum post on the MSDN forum

It seemed to be with regard to another application listening on port 12000/12001, but people were complaining about VMWare using the port (which I don’t have installed). Seems to actually be the HTC Sync application in my tasktray that I installed (and forgot about and never use).

Stopping HTC Sync, and trying my solution again… All works fine now… So am currently uninstalling HTC Sync to make sure I’m never bothered again. (Is this my fault for being a .NET developer without a Windows Phone?)