Microsoft.Compute/disks BadRequest

The latest API Version of the ‘Microsoft.Compute/disks’ resource is: 2017-03-30, I’m currently getting a BadRequest error with this version.

When using the current latest API version of 2017-03-30 I’m getting the following error:

The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'."

"code": "BadRequest"    Could not find member 'accountType' on object of type 'DiskProperties'. Path 'properties.accountType'

It can’t find the accountType property, which is used to set between the following account types:

  • Standard_LRS
  • Standard_GRS
  • Standard_RAGRS
  • Standard_ZRS
  • Premium_LRS

The Fix!

Fortuantly the API version 2016-04-30-preview works fine for this. I assume that Microsoft have moved this property to another location. But it isn’t documented that I can see.

Documentation is located here