Puppetlabs State of DevOps Report 2016.

Puppetlabs have released their excellent yearly report on the state of DevOps.

This is a great insight into what is going on in the DevOps space as a whole.

Puppetlabs go out and survey thousands of technical professionals, in a wide range of industries and countries.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Deploy 200x more frequently than low performers, with 2,555x faster lead times, 24x faster recovery times, and 3x lower change failure rates.
  • Spend 22% less time on unplanned work and rework, and 29% more time on new work.
  • Spend 50% less time remediating security issues than low performers.

Attention-grabbing, but not surprising numbers there. The benefits of DevOps practising are known and huge. And as pointed out in the report, these improvements compound yearly as you have more time for continual improvement due to the time savings.

Interestingly, they have included Employee engagement this year. This was based on how likely the employee would recommend the organisation as a place to work.

Employees in high-performing teams were 2.2 times more likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work.

To download the 2016 report please click here.

For the 2015 report please click here.