Unlimited Load testing with visual studio Ultimate MSDN subscribers.

It was announced a couple days ago that MSDN Subscribers with Visual Studio Ultimate will be able to download a feature pack to allow load testing with unlimited users.

This is fantastic news, I have been doing quite a bit of load testing over the last 6 months, and Visual Studio test suite is fantastic tool for this, but the 250 cap meant that you had to pay for addtional virtual user licenses for anything over 250 (and it wasn’t cheap).

This meant we we’re using wcat and the like for load testing, but Visual Studio make it so much easier.

This actually came in perfect timing for my current product. My current story is build load testing scenarios for the new site, thought I was going to be limited to 250.

MSDN blog annoucement

Great news! Running to MSDN to get my feature pack right now!