Updating all passwords

So, I’ve gotten paranoid, a company I used for some fairly sensitive information has been hacked, and some of my information was online. Experian emailed me with a notification that my email and password is online, I didn’t recognise that password, however there are a few passwords that I used to use a lot…so it’s time to change them completely.

I migrated from LastPass several years ago, but I still left my LastPass account active, which seems silly as they also had some kind of breach recently, so I logged in there and deleted my account.

Now it’s time to update ALL of my passwords in pass.

pass-update extension


This extension gives you a nice way to go through and update your passwords, since I only care about the passwords that are one of my old standard passwords I want to look at the password, decide if I want to update it, and then login to the service and update it with a generated new password.

cd ~/.password-store
pass update ./